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I am having trouble connecting to the console with the WS View App for Android or iPhone

There are a few thing to try if there are issues connecting to the console with the WS View app.

First, ensure that the console is showing the WiFi icon flashing rapidly, and "WIFI STATUS MODE -- B" on the message board.

If the icon and message are not displaying, Press and hold the Down Arrow and Alarm buttons at the same time for five seconds.

While the Wi-Fi icon is flashing, check the WLAN on your mobile phone and find the EasyWeather-WiFixxxx. Make sure your phone is connected to EasyWeather-WiFixxxx and select NO when the message "No Internet access" appears.

If you have trouble connecting or maintaining the connection to the EasyWeather-WiFixxxx network, try disabling phone data and disconnecting from any other WiFi network before establishing connection to the console.

There have been a couple of reports of the WS View app crashing and closing on older phones with limited memory. If this happens first try removing the program, rebooting and re-installing it. If the crashes continue, then you will need to get a newer device to install the WS View app on and complete the setup procedure. Note that beyond the initial WiFi and Internet Publishing setup the phone app is not at all required for continuing operation.