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Data not reporting to

Confirm your station ID is correct. The station ID is all caps, and the most common issue is substituting a capital letter O for a 0 (zero) or vice versa. Please note the digit 0 can only occur in the last part of the station ID (which is a station number in a city). Example, KAZPHOEN11, not KAZPH0EN11

Confirm that your password (also called: key) is correct. It is the password generated for your station ID. You can also verify it by logging in to and looking it up under “My PWS.”

Make sure the date, time and time zone is correct on the console. If it is not incorrect, you may be reporting data for a point in the past or future and you may not see it where you expect it.

Check your router firewall settings. The console sends data via port 80. If you can access other web sites using “http” (not to be confused with “https”) this setting will be OK.